Prices - Fiona Whyte

These prices are for standard shoots at dance events. Any private shoots may incur extra fees


6" x 4" = £4.99

9" x 6" = £9.99

12" x 8" = £11.99


Single Photo - Hi Res Original Size  (Suitable for Printing) - £12.99

Single Photo - Printmarked 640px x 480px (Suitable for Web/Social Media) - £2.99


15oz White Mug = £12.99

Fridge Magnet = £9.99

A printmark  will only appear on the £2.99 web download option in the bottom right corner of the image. Under no circumstances must you crop these  digital files. Download links are sent to your Email address immediately after payment. Printmarks do not appear on any other items. There is a minimum shipping charge of £2.39 for any items that need sending via post.

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